Women Artists Silk Scarf


The long awaited 2015 Women Artists Silk Scarf is here!
Limited edition of 50, including luxurious box.
100% twill silk, 90x90 cm; red name=living artist; black name=dead artist
2015 edition of 50
15 names written in red and 48 names written in black
In 2012 Franz West passed away and his/her name is now written in black

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With 18 women artists from the loosely defined 'Women Artists Group Amsterdam', initiated by Melissa Gordon in 2011, we decided to do an art swap. For this occasion I wrote the feminine names of well known (male) artists, and used their names to design a silk scarf. Only from the 20th century women artists were included by name in art history. I used the names of the most well known artists, as taught in art history, like Da Vinci, Tizian, Van Gogh etc. and for the more modern and contemporary artists I looked at several lists, like artfacts.net

First edition in 2012 is with 16 names written in red and 47 names written in black.
The art swap took place on April 11, 2012

Katja Mater with Women Artists Silk Scarf

Eva- Fiore Kovacovsky with Women Artists Silk Scarf

Uta Eisenreich with Women Artists Silk Scarf

Evi Vingerling with Women Artists Silk Scarf

Thanks to Lotte Schröder and Linda van Deursen